We are announcing a new concert for Fall 2019: Sonatas and Sonatinas

Published sonatas and sonatinas from all eras will be featured at this year’s event. Each participant will be given a maximum of 8 minutes to perform. A participant may perform one or multiple movements within this time frame. Performances may consist of solo, ensemble, and/or chamber

There is a $15 registration fee, $40 cap per family. Teachers must send one check for their studio. Registration needs to be post-marked by November 9. Send application form, teacher participation form, and check to:

Nadia Feeken
3438 E. Liberty Lane
Gilbert, AZ 85296

The recital hall at AZ Piano is reserved from 12 PM to 6 PM. There may be up to four different concerts scheduled in this time frame, depending on the number of students entered. Teachers can enter as many students as they wish. All performers are required to stay for the entire duration of their concert time to observe and support their peers. Due to liability reasons, a parent or a legal guardian must accompany students under the age of 16.

Date & Time: Saturday, November 23, 2019, from 12 PM-6 PM
Location: AZ Piano, 4134 East Wood Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040
If you have any questions, please contact Nadia Feeken
Phone: 785-213-3086