To enter either the EVMTA Piano Competition or the Jason Sipe Prize Piano Performers Competition  each teacher needs to participate with a minimum of one student from his/her studio in at least one of the following EVMTA fund raising events: Music Showcase (October), Composer Celebration Concert (December) or Piano Ensemble (January/February). Participating students do not have to be the same students that will be enrolled at the competition.  All of these qualifying events have application deadlines in the fall, so please plan ahead.

The purpose of the EVMTA Piano Competition is to motivate piano students, help them achieve higher performing standards, and give them an opportunity to perform in a music competition and receive various awards.

Competition Date: Saturday, March 2, 2019
Individual times TBA following receipt of all applications.

Winners’ Recital Date and Award Ceremony: Sunday, March 3, 2019, 2:30 p.m.

The first place winners will be performing at the winners’ recitals and the award ceremony, but all other winners need to attend the recital in order to receive the award. Those who do not attend the winners’ recital forfeit their cash award and recognition accorded to winners. If the time permits, additional students might be chosen by the judges to perform at the recital.

Location: My First Piano, 1818 E. Southern Ave, Suite 5, Mesa, AZ 85204

Required Repertoire: Two pieces, performed from memory, one from each category:
1. Baroque or Classical
2. Romantic or Impressionistic or Contemporary

Required age and time allotment for each Category:

Category A, Ages 7 & under, 6 minutes
Category B, Ages 8 & 9,         8 minutes
Category C, Ages 10 & 11,     10 minutes
Category D, Ages 12 & 13,    12 minutes
Category E, Ages 14 & 15,     15 minutes
Category F, Ages 16‐18,        20 minutes

Entrants may not go over the prescribed time limit. Performances exceeding the specified time limits may be stopped at the judges’ discretion and exceeding the time limit may result in disqualification.

Application Postmark Deadline: Friday, February 15, 2019. Fully filled out forms greatly assist those who administer the competition. Late, incomplete, or illegible applications will be returned. Entries written in a format other than the official competition form will be returned for correction.

Application Fees:    (Please, make checks payable to EVMTA.)
Categories A & B $25.00
Categories C & D $30.00
Categories E & F $35.00


  • Gold medal one winner only
  • Silver Medal up to two winners
  • Bronze Medal up to three winners
  • Honorable Mention –will be awarded to the discretion of the judges

Winners of each category will receive a medal and cash awards. The total of $2000 will be distributed among the winners based on the number of the awards. Honorable mentions will not receive cash awards.

 Students may choose to compete in a higher category than their appropriate age. First place winners from the previous competition are ineligible to compete in the same age‐category again, but they may compete in higher age categories.


Only original compositions by composers of renown may be entered.
No photocopies allowed.
CD Sheet Music is acceptable as an original.
All scores must be submitted to competition monitor prior to the entrant’s performance. Measures must be numbered at the beginning of each system.

No changes in repertoire are allowed after application deadline.
Questions concerning appropriateness of a composition or composer and photocopies may be directed to the chairperson: Dr. Radmila Stojanovic‐Kiriluk

Proof of Age Requirement

In fairness to all participants, performers are required to present proof of their age upon checking in at the event. Acceptable documents include a birth certificate, passport, or other valid picture ID. Students who cannot produce proof of birth date will be allowed to participate for comments only, and will be ineligible for any award.


The chairperson will determine performance times for each candidate. Entrants will be notified of their performance time at least one week before the event.

Entrants will perform for a panel of three judges. Judges may award first, second, and third place and up to two honorable mentions in each category. It is left to the discretion of the judges to make a decision on the awards. Decisions of the judges are final and may not be challenged.

Competition will be open to the public and the audience is welcomed and invited to support young musicians.

In the event that the number of registrants should be more than fifteen for any given category, a preliminary round may be held prior to the final competition. The time of preliminary will be determined after all the applications are received.

Chairperson(s) of the competition may enter students. Judges of the competition may not enter students.

Teachers and Students’ Responsibilities

Each teacher must abide by all requirements and deadlines. Non‐compliance will result in disqualification. A completed full‐page application should be submitted for each student entered. One completed copy of the teacher participation form should also accompany entries from each studio.

Participating teachers, students, and their parents should respect the judges and organizers of the competition and allow the competition to run smoothly. If there are any complaints, they can be delivered in a written form.

Teachers must not identify themselves, or their students, to the judges at any time. Doing so will result in disqualification for that student. If necessary, on‐stage setting up or adjusting for the student prior to performance may be done only by the room monitor or the chairperson.

Names of teacher and/or student must not be found on the music. All such identifying marks must be completely covered. Each students audition number is to be attached to each piece of music.

Teachers should remind students to provide the proof of age requirement and ensure they bring proper documentation to the competition. Each student entered must have studied with the current teacher entering him/her for at least six months prior to the competition. Students are expected to dress conservatively and appropriately for both competition and recital, and to conduct themselves at all times in a professional manner.

No video or audio recording is allowed at the Competition. Winner’s recital may be recorded.