EVMTA 2020 “What Fun It Will Be!”

Performance Date: Saturday, February 1, 2020 – 7:00 PM (Students must be at Gilbert High School, 1101 E. Elliot, Gilbert, AZ, by 6:40 PM.) Only the student will be admitted without a ticket. Friends and family may purchase tickets for $10 each.

Final RehearsalMANDATORY: Saturday morning, February 1, 2020, at GILBERT HIGH SCHOOL
To Be Announced.
(Music must be in a BLACK FOLDER or BINDER for the performance)

Three Weekly Rehearsals: Follow the schedule below. Failure to attend these rehearsals without prior notification may result in dropping the student.
Rehearsal Location: “The Music Store” 2630 W. Baseline Road, Mesa


MONDAY (1/13, 1/20, 1/27)
6:30 pm – GROUP A
7:00 pm – GROUP D
7:30 pm – GROUP H
8:00 pm – TEACHERS

TUESDAY (1/14, 1/21, 1/28)
6:00 pm – GROUP K (Adults)
6:30 pm – GROUP B
7:00 pm – GROUP E
7:30 pm – GROUP F
8:00 pm – GROUP I

THURSDAY (1/16, 1/23, 1/30)
6:30 pm – GROUP C
7:00 pm – GROUP G
7:30-8:30 pm – GROUP J


1. Hand out copies of the flyer and the student registration sheet to students and explain how Piano Ensemble works in September.
2. Attend the music SNEAK PREVIEW at AZ Piano on Thursday, October 17, 2019, at 9:30 am.
3. Begin registering students for their appropriate ensemble groups. Don’t forget to collect the registration fee of $18 per student!
4. Purchase the appropriate music at The Music Store or at the October meeting.
5. Assign students to begin practicing music in October or early November.
6. Send in the teacher registration, a completed teacher participation form, the student registration forms, and one check (payable to EVMTA) to the registrar by December 1, 2019. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of registration. If you do not hear anything within one week of  mailing, please contact registrar.
7. When students are able to play their duet(s) accurately, begin reviewing how to watch someone as they play. This is a difficult task for any age or level and the more it is reviewed in lessons, the easier rehearsals will be for the conductor. Practice conducting patterns together, try speeding up and slowing down the piece while they watch you, and have them identify what is most important to hear in their piece(s). Too often students play an entire duet loud, when it’s not written that way, nor is it the same melody! Your assistance here will help make rehearsals more efficient and fun for everyone.
8. Continue reviewing the pieces weekly with students once rehearsals have begun. Ask them what the conductor wants them to work on. Check your email and/or voicemail; sometimes conductors will let you know directly what’s needed!
9. Fulfill your volunteer commitment with EVMTA and Piano Ensemble, whether it’s during rehearsals or at the concert. If you have students participating, you are expected to help. Please contact Solveig England at SME@birchwoodponds.com for an assignment.
10. Attend the concert on Saturday, February 1, 2020, at 7:00 PM at Gilbert High School. Your students have worked hard and so have you; come and enjoy!

(Review this with students before rehearsals begin!)

1. No food or drink is permitted within the facilities at any time.
2. ORIGINAL MUSIC is required by law and WILL BE CHECKED at the first rehearsal! Music will then need to be in a BLACK FOLDER or BINDER by the third rehearsal.
3. Students, parents, teachers, and other guests attending Piano Ensemble rehearsals are permitted to be in the lobby, rehearsal area, and the restroom facilities only.
4. Students, parents, teachers, and other guests attending Piano Ensemble rehearsals are asked to respect the rules laid forth by the facility and follow any other directions given by the employees, chairperson, conductors, and Piano Ensemble volunteers. Failure to do so may result in not being permitted to participate in Piano Ensemble.


Concert Dress: Must be dressy, recital appropriate attire. Hems must fall at the knee or below. No spaghetti straps.
Program Cover Design: Students may submit artwork for possible use on the program cover. Please bring your masterpieces to your 3rd rehearsal.


Which group should I register my student(s) for?
There are 12 different groups at varying levels. Your student should be able to sight-read the music for his/her group with a high degree of success. Check rehearsal and performance dates & times with your students before registering them. Fees are nonrefundable.

Primo or Secondo?
Students will play Primo for one piece and Secondo for the other. We will match students together unless you have a partner for him/her already. Please include the age of the student, except for the adult group, on the registration form.
Parents may, at no charge, play in a group with their student, if there are unfilled parts. We always need parents or teachers to play the accompaniment and/or parts with group A, both at rehearsals and during the performance!

Where do I purchase music?
At the October EVMTA Meeting, or at The Music Store, located at 2630 W. Baseline Road, Mesa (NE corner of Price/Baseline), Ask at the front counter for the EVMTA Piano Ensemble music. Their phone number is 480-831-9691. You will also see several groups using music from MusicNotes.com purchased directly from the website.

What will my student(s) need to bring and know for rehearsals?Students need to bring all of their music to every rehearsal. Students need to attend every rehearsal, be on time, follow the directions of the conductor, and learn their music thoroughly. Failure to do any of the above can result in dismissal from Piano Ensemble at the conductor’s discretion.
Students must bring ORIGINAL MUSIC to the first rehearsal.
Music will need to be in a black folder or binder brought by the third rehearsal.

How can I choose the level appropriate for my student(s) if I don’t know the pieces?
Join us for a preview of all the pieces! Get a sneak peek at the music for the Piano Ensemble at the EVMTA October Meeting at Arizona Piano. We will play through all the duets, discuss which pieces will fit your student(s) best, and have lots of fun. All Ensemble Music will be available for purchase at this meeting.

Do students receive awards for participating in Piano Ensemble?
Yes! Students that participate for 5 or more years receive awards for their hard work and dedication to Piano Ensemble.

5th‐8th Years – trophy
9th Year ‐ $100 check
10th Year & Beyond – $25 check