The purpose of the event is to provide a competitive performance opportunity to students of all levels and ages in recital format. There will be multiple recitals for different level groups. The winners will receive trophies and gift certificates/cards of his/her choice. Prizes are provided by Jason Sipe, the owner of AZ Piano Store.

Recital Date: Saturday, April 18, 2020 (Time for each recital will be announced once applications are received.)

Recital Location: AZ Piano, 4134 E. Wood Street, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85040 — (602) 437-8445

Application Deadline: Must be received by March 21, 2020. Please make sure to include “Teacher Participation Form” application forms. Teachers who do not send this form will not qualify to enter students for this event. Application should be mailed to:

Yuerong Gong
1573 W. Homestead Drive
Chandler, AZ 85286

Entry Fee: $25.00. Parents pay the teacher and the teacher cuts one check to EVMTA.

Teacher Requirement: A teacher may enter a maximum of 8 students from his/her studio for this event. Teachers participating this event must enter one or more student(s) into either Music Showcase, Composer Celebration Concert, or Piano Ensemble. However, students participating in the EVMTA Piano Competition cannot participate in this recital

Piano Repertoire Selection: Each performer is to play two pieces. The selections must be from the same level and represent contrasting styles and different musical periods. Pieces must be original piano compositions. No arranged versions of piano pieces are allowed. Please select Elementary, Intermediate 5 ~ 6, Intermediate 7 ~ 8, Advanced 9 ~ 10, or Advanced 11 ~ 12 recital. Consider pieces listed in Level 1 ~ 3 literature books as Elementary (Some Level 4 pieces are considered as Late Elementary or Early Intermediate. Please contact the chairman for verification), pieces from Level 4 ~ 7 literature books are Intermediate, and pieces from Level 8 ~ 10 will be considered Advanced level. (Some Level 7 pieces are considered as Early Advanced level. Please contact the chairman for verification.) Please refer to piano repertoire guides such as Arizona Study Program Repertoire Guide (either 2016 or 2006 edition) or “The Pianist’s Guide To Standard Teaching and Performance Literature” by Jane Magrath for your own verification of the repertoire level. Many multi-collection literature books compiled by a variety of editors are categorized into Level 1 ~ 10. Please use the above guideline to determine the recital level of the student. The Prize Piano Performers screening committee will contact the teacher to change any pieces that aren’t original piano compositions, and ask the student to play in a higher-level recital if there is discrepancy in levels. Please specify which book the piece was chosen from if there is no work number/catalogue number available. If detailed information about the pieces is not included in the application form, the registration will not be accepted until the teacher resubmits with the necessary information. Multiple selections and movements from a suite or a work (WTC Prelude & Fugue, Sonata/Sonatina…etc.) cannot be chosen as one piece.

Total Time Allotted for Performance of Both Pieces Must Not Exceed:

  • 5 minutes – Elementary
  • 8 minutes – Intermediate
  • 10 minutes – Advanced


  • Students cannot enter this recital if they are participating in the EVMTA Piano Competition.
  • An adjudicator will choose winner(s) from each level group at the end of each recital.
  • Adjudicator will critique performers on 1) Performer’s Tone, 2) Interpretation & Musical Effect, 3) Technique, and 4) Other Factors (memorization, contrasting styles and tempos, stage presence…etc)
  • Recitals are open to the public, but children 5 and under are not allowed in the recital hall.

Recital Procedures and Rules:

  • Arrive fifteen minutes early for check-in.
  • Students must bring music scores for the judge. No photocopies are allowed. Measures must be numbered prior to arrival. Make sure that all measures are numbered.
  • Student number will be assigned upon student’s arrival. Student number will be attached to music.
  • Appropriate attire is requested. (Dress shirt and pants for boys, and dress or skirt to knees or longer for girls.)
  • There will be no piano available for warm-up before the recital.
  • Children 5 and under are not allowed in the recital hall, and must be accompanied by an adult at all time if in the piano showroom area.
  • No food and drink is allowed in the store (except water).
  • No recording devices or camera are allowed to be used during the recitals. All pagers and cell phones must be turned off prior to the recital.
  • Participants and their teachers are not allowed to speak to the judge during, before, or after the recital. Communicating to the judge may result in disqualification of the performer(s).
  • Decisions of the judges are final and may not be challenged.


Prize Piano Performers Elementary Level Repertoire List

Supplementary Books for Elementary Level (Revised)