Arizona Study Program
General Information

The Arizona Study Program is a twelve year graded course of study developed by the ASMTA to provide for the development of musical Performance, Theory and Technique. It is organized in terms of the twelve years of public school, with one level available for each of the years a student would be enrolled in school. It requires continual work throughout the year. In the spring, there is a performance evaluation by a master adjudicator and a written theory test.

Membership in ASMTA is required of all participating teachers.

Friday, May 10, and Saturday, May 11
Arizona State University

December 1 End of regular enrollment (form in yearbook or online):  $25 per student

After December 1 the enrollment continues at the increased fee of $40 per student    Send all enrollments to DeAnn Mortensen.

February 15 Final Enrollment deadline.  No enrollments accepted after this date.

February 15  Send work assignment form to  Stephanie Jones

February 15 Student Program Forms due.

Levels 5 – 8 send to Juliana Kraver 
Levels 9 – 12 send to Hanna Charbonneau
(No program forms are required for Levels 1 through 4 but music must be original piano solo compositions; no arrangements or transcriptions are allowed.)

March 1 Send applications for McCurnin Teacher Enrichment and Certification Grants to the ASP State Chairman,  Barbara Stoutenburgh.  Forms are on

Mid-March Instructions for Evaluations (Packet 2) will be sent to teachers enrolled (time block, confidential  report form, parent letter, Student Evaluation Forms, and name tags).

April 1  Return award form for Level 12A students

April 10 Return completed Confidential Report Form to address indicated.

May 11 Pick up evaluation results and awards at ASU in W218 on Saturday 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Results not picked up at ASU will be available Monday morning, May 13 only,  9 – 12:00 (location TBA)


  • Complete and return the Enrollment Form and Work Assignment Form. You will receive confirmation via email when your registration is received. (For registration questions, contact DeAnn Mortensen –
  • Each student must purchase a theory workbook. They are copyrighted, and may not be copied.
  • Indicate previous teacher(s) of all transfer students if students were previously in ASP.
  • Send one check for your studio (teacher’s check only). NO REFUNDS OR SUBSTITUTIONS!
  • Copy additional Enrollment Forms if necessary.
  • A student may be enrolled in different levels for performance/technique and theory. Please indicate the different levels on all forms.  Records will show completion of the lower of the two levels.
  • The performance/technique level will determine the time allotment for evaluation.
  • Theory must match performance level within two years.
  • Levels may be repeated and/or skipped at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Students may be evaluated in only one level per school year.
  • Level 4, 8, and 12 awards are given only for completing Category A. (To receive these awards, repertoire, technique, and theory must all be at the same level in the same year.)
  • A Level 12 student (high school seniors only) may, upon request, take the Level 12 theory test early (testing date in January or February TBA). Please notify Barbara Russell if you wish to take this option.
  • If a student cannot be evaluated on the above dates, contact the chairmen by April 1 to make arrangements for a possible earlier date. There may be an additional fee for the adjudicator.