Jason Sipe Prize Piano Performers


April 20, 2024    
All Day


Metropolitan Youth Symphony Recital Hall
49 W 1st Street
Mesa, AZ 85201
Competition Information

The purpose of this event is to provide a competitive performance opportunity to students of all levels and ages in a recital format. Thank you to Jason Sipe, the owner of Arizona Piano Company, for donating the prize money for this competition.

Recital Date: April 20, 2024 – Times for each recital are announced after registration closes.

Recital Location: Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Recital Hall

Application Deadline: Must be submitted online March 6-20, 2024

Entry Fee:
• Elementary – $25.00
• Intermediate – $30.00
• Advanced – $35.00
Teachers are to collect all payments from students and register online

Categories: The event is divided into three different categories: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. There will be one recital for each category. All winners will receive trophies and cash prizes.

Teacher Requirements

• Teacher must be a current member of the EVMTA.

• Each teacher may enter a maximum of 9 students from his/her studio for this event, with no more than 4 students in the Advanced 11-12 level.

• Each student entered must have studied with the current teacher entering him/her for at least six months prior to the competition.

• To enter students in the Prize Performers Piano Competition, each teacher needs to participate with his/her studio in at least one of the following EVMTA events: Music Showcase (October), Fall Recital (November), Composers Celebration Concert (December), or Piano Ensemble (January/February). Participating students do not have to be the same students who will be enrolled at the competition. Chairperson(s) of the competition may enter students, but judges of the competition may not enter students.

Please note: Students participating in the EVMTA Piano Competition cannot participate in this recital.

Repertoire Selection

• Each performer is to play two pieces, originally written for piano, from the same level and represent contrasting styles and different musical periods. No arranged versions of piano pieces, folk songs arrangements, or pieces labeled “traditional” are allowed. Multiple selections and movements from a suite or a work (WTC Prelude & Fugue, Sonata/Sonatina, etc.) CAN be submitted as one piece. Select Elementary 1-2, Elementary 3-4, Intermediate 5-6, Intermediate 7-8, Advanced 9-10, or Advanced 11-12 recital level. Use the below guideline to determine the recital level of the student.

• When choosing repertoire, refer to piano repertoire guides, such as Arizona Study Program Repertoire Guide (either 2016 or 2006 edition) or “The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature,” by Jane Magrath. Many literature book collections are categorized into Levels 1-10. Consider pieces listed in Level 1-3 literature books as Elementary, Level 4-7 as Intermediate, and Level 8-10 as Advanced. Some Level 4 literature book pieces may be considered Late Elementary or Early Intermediate. Some Level 7 pieces may be considered Late Intermediate or Early Advanced.

• Enter detailed information about the pieces on the application form including key, opus, number, and movement when possible. Please specify which book the piece was chosen from if there is no work number/catalogue number available. No changes in repertoire are allowed after the application deadline.

• IMPORTANT: Teachers are highly encouraged to send proposed programs to the chairperson before submitting registration to ensure that students are being registered for the correct level recital. The leveling of pieces will be first checked against the Arizona Study Program Repertoire Guide. If the piece is not listed there, then the Jane Magrath book will be consulted. If a student’s program includes pieces from different levels, the student will be moved to the higher-level recital.

• Students with PDF scores downloaded from the Internet need to have permission to use this music (please contact the chairperson). Also, they must complete the MTNA Music Release Form. No photocopies from published books are allowed. All scores must be checked by the competition monitor prior to the entrant’s performance. Measures must be numbered at the beginning of each line. Names of the teacher and/or the student must not be found on the music.

Total Time Allotted for Performance of Both Pieces Must Not Exceed:

• 5 minutes – Elementary
• 8 minutes – Intermediate
• 10 minutes – Advanced


Entrants will perform for a panel of two judges. Judges will critique performers on 1) performer’s tone; 2) interpretation and musical effect; 3) technique; and 4) other factors (memorization, contrasting styles and tempos, stage presence, etc.) and will choose winner(s) from each level at the end of each recital.


Prize Piano Performers Elementary Level Repertoire List


Contact Wei Xing at wei.xing.piano@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Jason Sipe Prize Piano Performers