Section 1. NAME: The name of this organization is:


Section 2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization is:

  1. To represent the highest standards of music teaching and performance with its membership;
  2.  To provide continuous, on‐going professional growth and training opportunities for all members;
  3. To foster cultural activities for students, parents and community;
  4. D. To encourage excellence in student preparation and performance through honors or scholarship

Section 3. POLICY: The policy of this organization is:

  1. To cooperate fully with the affiliate organizations ASMTA and MTNA;
  2. To operate as a non‐profit organization and in the event of dissolution, to contribute any remaining funds in the treasury (after payment of debts) to an ASMTA scholarship fund or other charitable scholarship fund dedicated to music teaching or performance.


Section 1. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: East Valley Music Teachers Association, Inc. shall be open to any person or business engaged in furthering the purposes of the association, who has paid the dues. Membership provides the privileges of participation in all activities of the organization, holding office and voting.

Section 2. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: Student membership shall be open to all students from grade seven through the age of twenty‐six (26) currently involved in regular music study. Any student beyond the age of twenty‐six (26) who enrolls in a college, university or conservatory as a full‐time music student shall have the option of Student Membership for a period not to exceed four (4) consecutive years. Student members shall be entitled to attend programs of the Association upon payment of the registration fee and to receive the official Association booklet, shall be eligible to serve as committee chairpersons and to vote, but shall not have the right to hold office.

Section 3. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Honorary Life Membership shall be conferred with Board approval upon any member who has been actively engaged in the field of music with distinguished service. Members granted honorary membership by ASMTA will also be granted honorary membership by EVMTA.

Section 4. DUES: Memberships are due July 1 of each year, and if not paid by that date, are delinquent. Membership privileges are suspended until the dues are paid. The Board of Directors determines the amount of East Valley Music Teacher Association dues. Dues not paid for the current year are delinquent and membership privileges are suspended until the dues are paid.

Section 5. MEMBERSHIP RESPONSIBLITIES: Teachers who register their students for any activity sponsored by the East Valley Music Teachers Association are required to serve actively on either that or another committee. Service on a state or local board also fills this requirement. Members are also required to attend one membership meeting per year in order to enter students in EVMTA events. Those members who work full time and are unable to attend meetings may fill this requirement by serving on a second committee. Teachers who fail to serve actively on a committee or to attend one meeting during the year will be unable to enter their students in EVMTA events, and their students will be ineligible to receive any monetary or scholarship award given by EVMTA. Each event chairperson is responsible to check the status of teachers enrolling in the event the chairperson is chairing. If a teacher has not fulfilled the member responsibilities of attending at least one membership meeting and serving on a committee, the event chairperson is to notify teachers of event enrollment ineligibility.


Section 1. MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: General membership meetings of educational and professional value are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, September through April, at a location predetermined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. BOARD BUSINESS MEETINGS: Officers and Chairpersons of East Valley Music Teachers Association, Inc. shall meet four (4) times each year; always on Saturdays to be determined by the Board. New officers and chairpersons assume duties July 1st. Other meetings may be called during the year by the President, to carry out necessary business.

Section 3. QUORUM: A quorum shall consist of one more than half the members present at membership meetings. One more than half the total number of Officers and Committee representatives shall constitute a quorum at board business meetings.


Section 1. OFFICERS: The officers of the organization shall be President, 1st Vice President/President Elect, 2nd Vice President – student activities, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2. COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS: Except for ASP chair, chairpersons are appointed by the President from recommendations of the Nominating Committee. Chairpersons may include: Ensemble; Scholarship Competition; Honors Recital; Prize Piano Performers; Theory Carnival; Music in the Mall, ASP chair (although appointed by ASP state committee) and others deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS: Administrative positions are appointed by the President from recommendations of the Nominating Committee. Administrative positions may include: ASMTA Study Program Materials; Website; New‐Member Orientation; Photographer; Publicity‐Historian; Student Recitals; Teacher Referral Service; Telephone; Newsletter editor; Voice representative and others deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Section 4. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Officers, Chairpersons, the Immediate Past President and State‐Appointed East Valley Music Teachers Association, Inc. Arizona Study Program chairman shall constitute the voting Board of Directors. They shall complete their duties as prescribed under Duties of Officers and Chairpersons. The administrative positions shall constitute non‐voting board members.


Section 1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of budget matters; the daily conduct of business; general policies and other related affairs of the organization; and determining any changes in the annual membership dues. They shall meet at times deemed necessary by the President or upon request of three members of the Board. Specific guidelines for carrying out each Office of Chairmanship are given out at the beginning of each term of office. Officers/Chairpersons must return all materials for their positions to the President by July 1st. Any recommendations for change will be discussed and/or approved at the Board meetings, under direction of the President, then voted and approved at the April membership meeting.

Section 2. PRESIDENT: The President is the official representative of the EVMTA Chapter and presides over all membership and board meetings. He/she is Program Chairperson for monthly meetings, initiates communication with the membership, calls any additional board meetings, and appoints temporary chairpersons as deemed necessary to assist carrying out the office. The President shall attend all State Board meetings or appoint a representative to attend in his/her place.

Section 3. 1st VICEPRESIDENT – PRESIDENT ELECT: The 1st Vice‐

President/President Elect is kept apprised of all organization business and is prepared to assume the Presidents tasks during his/her absence, especially to attend State Board meetings. He/she will assist the President and work with chairpersons of areas not directly designated as student activities. The President‐Elect upon completion of his/her term of office will become President of the Association. This office will also contact, schedule, and follow up on the presenters to present at the membership meetings.

Section 4. 2nd VICEPRESIDENT – STUDENT ACTIVITIES: The 2nd Vice‐President – Student Activities coordinates the duties of chairpersons for all student activities. This office will also plan and carry out the Student Musicales presented at the beginning of membership meetings.

Section 5. IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: The Immediate Past President shall attend all Board meetings, act as Chair of the Nominating Committee, serve as an advisory resource, and act as Parliamentarian according to Roberts Rules of Order – Newly Revised. The Past President is a voting member of the Board.

Section 6. RECORDING SECRETARY: The Recording Secretary is present at Board of Directors meetings; and to take roll, to read the minutes of previous Board meetings, and to record minutes for the meeting at hand. This officer will also take roll and record minutes at the membership meetings and read minutes of the previous meeting.

Section 7. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: The Corresponding Secretary is available to assist Board members with any official or courtesy correspondence of the organization. He/she will be kept updated by the membership chairperson of all new members and new members e‐ mail. The corresponding secretary will email newsletters, meeting reminders, event announcements, etc. He/she will also be responsible for getting hardcopy EVMTA information to members grandfathered in on the hardcopy system.

Section 8. TREASURER: The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting and disbursement of funds. This Officer gives reports to the Board of Directors the Board meetings as well as written reports to the general membership three times per year; September, January and April, (including the annual report) available at monthly meetings. The Treasurer will present a proposed following year budget to the board at the spring board meeting.


Section 1. NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Nominating Committee shall consist of three Past‐Presidents. This committee shall recommend a slate of officers (these members having agreed prior to service, if elected) to the membership. This slate will include recommendations for Vice‐Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. They will also make recommendations for Committee Chairpersons and administrative positions to the Board.

Section 2. NOMINATIONS: At the March membership meeting the Nominating Committee will present the slate of recommended officers to the Membership. Nominations may be made from the floor provided the nominees have consented to serve if elected.

Section 3. ELECTION: At the April general membership meeting a voice vote or written ballot (if more than one candidate for an office is nominated) will be taken for each office. The elected Officers will assume office on July 1st.

Section 4. TERM OF OFFICE: The President and President‐Elect will serve for a term of two years, beginning office on the odd year. All other officers are elected for a term of one year, but may be re‐nominated for one additional consecutive term. The 1st Vice‐President becomes President at the end of the Presidents term. Should the elected 1st Vice‐President be unable to assume the office of President, a President and 1st Vice‐ President will be elected for that term only. The Treasurer may serve additional terms.

Section 5. VACANCIES: Any vacancies in the Board of Directors during the year shall be filled by an appointment of the President with approval of the Board of Directors.


Section 1. AMENDMENTS: The By‐laws may be amended upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors at the April membership meeting by a two‐thirds vote of active members present and voting. Written notice of the proposed amendments must be submitted to the membership one month in advance of the ballot.