EVMTA Event Calendar

AUG 19

Fall Opening Social/Event Kickoff

Join us in a meeting to get a glimpse of each exciting activity waiting for you and your students. Look for more information in your email.

SEP 11

Organ Stop Pizza Party

Includes all‐you‐can eat pizza and drinks ‐ Friends and family are welcome. 

SEP 16

Create an Invitation to Learn! Promoting Understanding and Engagement

Presenter: Jennifer Foxx

Have you ever had a student say to you, “I never learned that!” when you know for a fact that you have taught the concept over a dozen times? As frustrating as that comment may be, there is actually a reason this happens and it all has to do with what is going on in the brain. 

OCT 21

Ensemble Music Preview

Join us to play through all of this year’s music for Piano Ensemble.

OCT 23

Music Showcase

Your students may play in costume in celebration of the Halloween season. You may program your students according to a theme (jazz, movie themes, etc.)


Fall Student Recital

The Fall Student Recital is open for students of all levels to play one memorized, polished piece.

NOV 18

Piano Masterclass: Music after the 1900s

Presenter: Cathal Breslin

Focus will be on music written by women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and other
underrepresented composers.


Composers Celebration Concert

We are announcing a new concert for Fall 2021: Celebrations and festivities! After making it through the challenging year of 2020, let’s make this event a day of celebrations and festivities! Music representing celebrations of all occasions are welcome: New Years, Christmas, Hanukkah, Independence Day, weddings, birthdays, traditional holidays, etc. A participant may perform original compositions as well as arrangements. Classical and modern compositions are all welcome as well as ensemble works.

JAN 14

Deadline to Submit Nancy Spitzer Memorial Scholarship Application

The Nancy Spitzer Memorial Scholarship provides scholarship funds for lesson tuition or music books.

JAN 20

Diagnose This: Strategies in Solving Technical Problems in Repertoire

Presenter: Frank Huang

This presentation will explore how to use creative practice approaches and methods in resolving some of the most common technical issues in repertoire.

JAN 29

Piano Ensemble

Piano Ensemble is one of the events our students enjoy the most, and look forward to each year.  Our “duet concert,” features ten groups of varying musical difficulty,  performing two duets together as an ensemble.  Each group can have up to twelve pairs of participants, giving each participant the opportunity to play Primo in one duet, and Secondo in the other.  Each group is directed by a conductor, who will help students play as an ENSEMBLE during their three rehearsals and final performance.  This is an event you don’t want to miss!  

FEB 17

Classical Music Can Be Seriously Funny

Presenter: Stuart Foster

Come celebrate humor in classical instrumental music! We’ll look at music that imitates animals or people; pokes fun at other composers; makes humorous demands of the performer; contains written-in mistakes; ‘ruins’ a serious or beautiful moment with something incongruous; plays jokes on the listener; etc. There are a few composers for whom humor is an indispensable part of how they conceive of music and by the end of the hour we will have definitively conferred the title of “Funniest Composer of All Time”.


EVMTA Piano Competition

Winners of each category will receive a medal and cash awards. Up to $1,700.00 will be distributed among the winners, based on the number of awards.

MAR 17

Etude Gems of the Intermediate Piano Repertoire

Presenter: Mary Beth Barteau Shaffer

This presentation will explore a variety of engaging studies from the early to late intermediate piano repertoire, and their benefit both technically and musically.

MAR 26

Spring Student Recital

The Spring Student Recital is open for students of all levels to play one memorized, polished piece.


Jason Sipe Prize Piano Performers Competition

This event provides a competitive performance opportunity to students of all levels and ages in a recital format. There will be a recital for each level. The winners will receive trophies and cash prizes.

APR 16

Senior Recital and Awards

All graduating Seniors are invited to perform 1 piece or 2 short pieces. Seniors receiving the Senior Award (by separate application) are expected to perform in the recital.

MAY 13-14

Arizona Study Program

The Arizona Study Program is a twelve-year graded course of study developed by the Arizona State Music Teachers Association to provide for the development of musical performance, technique, and theory. It is organized in terms of the twelve years of public school, with one level available for each of the years a student would be enrolled in school. It requires continual work throughout the year. Each spring, students are evaluated on repertoire and technique requirements by a master adjudicator and are required to complete a written theory test.

Register Online at asmta.org