EVMTA Event Calendar

AUG 20

Fall Opening Social

Join us in a meeting to get a glimpse of each exciting activity waiting for you and your students. Look for more information in your email.

SEP 12

Organ Stop Pizza Party

Includes all‐you‐can eat pizza and drinks ‐ Friends and family are welcome. 

Register Online – Registration available 8.1.21 – 9.3.21

SEP 17

Teaching Composition to Young Beginner Pianists

In this hands-on online workshop, you will learn how to use a 5-step compositional process to teach composition to young beginner students.

OCT 24

Music Showcase

Your students may play in costume in celebration of the Halloween season. You may program your students according to a theme (jazz, movie themes, etc.)

Register Online – Registration available 9.12.21 – 10.15.21


Fall Student Recital

The Fall Student Recital is open for students of all levels to play one memorized, polished piece.

Register Online – Registration available 10.4.21 – 10.27.21

NOV 19

Masterclass on the Music of Beethoven

This masterclass, in honor of Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebration, will include students’ pre-recorded videos, which will be broadcast and discussed alongside live, virtual feedback for each student.


Composers Celebration Concert

We are announcing a new concert for Fall 2020: Celebrating Beethoven. Published works of Ludwig van Beethoven will be featured at this year’s event. Each participant will be given a maximum of 8 minutes to perform. A participant may perform one or multiple movements within this time frame. Also, we strongly encourage performances of ensemble and chamber music by the composer as well.

Register Online – Registration available 11.4.21 – 11.27.21

JAN 14

Deadline to Submit Nancy Spitzer Memorial Scholarship Application

The Nancy Spitzer Memorial Scholarship provides scholarship funds for lesson tuition or music books.

Register Online – Registration available 8.1.21 – 9.3.21

JAN 21

Teach to Their Abilities, Not Disabilities: Strategies for Piano Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs require an individualized approach in piano lessons. Learn how to modify the teaching approach for such students and conduct the productive working atmosphere with a proper teacher-student interaction.

FEB 18

“Sound in Motion” Intermediate Master Class

Learn about why we are so particular about gestures and physical motions in playing and how the motions relate to the sound and affect it.


EVMTA Piano Competition

Winners of each category will receive a medal and cash awards. Up to $1,700.00 will be distributed among the winners, based on the number of awards.

Register Online – Registration available 2.4.22 – 3.2.22

MAR 20

Spring Student Recital

The Spring Student Recital is open for students of all levels to play one memorized, polished piece

Register Online – Registration available 2.12.22 – 3.16.22

MAR 25

Making the Most of Our Words: Strategies for Providing Effective Feedback in Our Teaching

A piano faculty member from NAU will help you with some strategies on effective feedback in a piano lesson setting.

APR 15

Annual Membership Luncheon

Annual Luncheon

APR 16

Senior Recital and Awards

All graduating Seniors are invited to perform 1 piece or 2 short pieces. Seniors receiving the Senior Award (by separate application) are expected to perform in the recital.

Register Online – Registration available 3.3.22 – 3.30.22

APR 17

Jason Sipe Prize Piano Performers Competition

A teacher may enter a maximum of 8 students from his/her studio for this event.

Register Online – Registration available 3.1.22 – 3.28.22


Arizona Study Program

Annual Evaluation at Arizona State University